7#%$$$$$$(.$V$V$V$V $`$p$p%x$V% %%*%$%% %%%%%%%%% THE SKIP HELLER PAGE Well, what could be more the third nostril on the face of the net than a Skip Heller web joint? A fine question, and one that youre so right to ask. Well, lets face it: this guy is busier than a set of jumper cables at a New Jersey trailer park wedding making music for Americans like yourself. Great music of every persuasion. And sometimes America needs persuasion. Jazz, loungecore, rockabilly, exotica, that pesky Jewish stuffits all happening wherever you read the legend Produced By Skip Heller. And the quality really does go in before the name goes on, sportfans. Look for the union label already. LONELY TOWN Skip Heller blames it on the bossa nova And you thought this web page was going to be chock full of nothing! Actually, TRG-Ultramodern is just too happy to be releasing His dark venture into Bossa nova as an American form. And when we say dark, we mean dark. We mean noir. You've got a band full of all-star players playing a dark cityscape unheard since Kenyon Hopkins scored The Hustler, and a set of lyrics that make Dave Alvin look heroically well-adjusted (except that nobody on Skip's record is robbing any liquor stores). Lonely Town is rooted in Stan Getz vibes-tenor saxophone-with-girl-singer front line. Plus, Skip manages to lift a bunch of worthwhile items from various and sundry sixties pop records (largely through the misuse of an electric twelve-string guitar). However, most of the solos (and what fine solos they are) are courtesy of tenor saxophone god Jay Work, late of the Bonedaddys and Big Town 7. Add D.J. Bonebrake on vibes and drums, and you've got a snappy little record. I HATE TO SING The Skip Heller Generation Live With the departure from the band of girl singer Sheryl Farber, the search was on to find yet another girl singer who can sing like Claudine Longet. A suitable replacement was not forthcoming, however, and Skip Heller has been forced to assume the position. This does not make him happy. The only thing Skip really likes to sing is Filipino Baby or maybe England Swings, but he is the only person in the band who knows all the words. Also, the whole band plays very well, and if you have caught them live, you will surely have noticed the veritable plethora of instrumental mood songs these boys can carry off (especially when they set their guns on the music of Frank Zappa). Also, they do in fact play Frances Farmer, from the D.J. Bonebrake/Skip Heller Quartets disc One More Midnight. Skip is planning some California dates in April, and possibly a trio tour in May that will take in much of the West. Allegedly, TRG is offering audio samples of the SHG on this site. Click something and listen. CHRIST, THIS GUY NEEDS TO VISIT DISNEYLAND Yes, this record isn't going to make you buy a wedding ring anytime soon, that's for damn sure. But Skip isn't really all that gloomy. But you can't really tell that from this or, for that matter, anything he listens to. When polled for a list of ten favorite songs, he turned in the following list. three Hours Past Midnight Johnny Guitar` Watson You Said You Loved Me The Orchids Don't Talk About Her--Dave Alvin Fool For You Stan Ridgway (home demo) If You See Her, Say Hello Bob Dylan Minus The Woman John Hartford I Don't Want To Hear It Anymore Jerry Butler Mansion On The Hill Hank William's The Wind Nolan Strong & the Diablos Odds and Ends Dionne Warwick If it seems ironic that somebody who works in so many complex forms (jazz, lounge) would look to doo-wop and old country, consider the following quote: After spending a day drawing dots, stems, and beams, the last thing you need is to hear is somebody else's dots. You want to hear somebody who just grabs four chords and says here it is. When I'm working on music, especially for the Generation, I just want to hear somebody singing a song directly Which leads us to MUST WE ROCK? Rockabilly music? Wouldn't it be easier just to get a real job? Despite producing reissues of Les Baxter and Robert Drasnin, Frenchy's debut album, and even a cut for the Wonderful World of Joey, Skip's personal idea of a fun record to make is usually a rockabilly record. Forthcoming soon on Sci-Fi Western Records is a brand spanking new Ray Campi disc, Train Rhythm Blue, which is Ray's best yet. Skip produced, played a bunch of guitar, and overall designed this one. Then he called a few pals in to bring songs and play solos, pals like Dave Alvin, Stan Ridgway, and Tony Gilkyson. The core band is Skip, Ray, D.J. Bonebrake, and Rip Masters. Then, our hero (guffaw! snicker!) tracked down the Robert Johnson of California Rockabilly Sammy Masters, whose 1957 RAB waxings on the 4 Star label (featuring Jimmy Bryant on guitar) pull hundreds of dollars each (if you can ever find one). Now, Sammy is being produced by Skip, who has put together a whumpin band to back this almost-lost treasure. Skip's on lead, Deke Dickerson's playing rhythm, Ray Campi on slapping bass (who were you gonna hire?), and Howard Greene on snare drum. This one picks up right where Sammy left off, and our Mister Heller has never played better. OTHER NON-FOODS One recent rumor is true, Skip is currently in pre-production for a multi-artist Lord Buckley tribute disc to benefit the Jazz Musicians Emergency Relief Fund. Some really amazing people are being sounded for this one, so watch this site. Also, he has been asked to handle post-production on the Kabalas sophomore release (his vigorous nodding was taken to mean yes by the klezmer band from Bettendorf, IA). If that wasn't enough, he also just appeared on the venerated cable show Art's Poker Party, hosted by the irrefutable Art Fein, talking music and singing My Last Affair from Lonely Town. My Last Affair will also soon be a video, to be directed by Michael Blackburn. Also, watch this space for live date information, as the Skip Heller Generation will be playing out, and a fine American like yourself should never miss em. If you know of anything relevant to this site, e-mail us and share it. We heard a rumor that Teenage Fanclub broke up. Somebody please tell us this is true. We can only dream Also, check out the Dionysus Records site, which will tell you more about the many releases Skip has produced for that fine label, not to mention fine ones produced by other people. Skip urges everybody to check out Deke Dickerson's amazing site at HTTP://ECCO-FONIC.LOOMISGROUP.COM which concentrates on rockabilly and country music stuff and is too amazing for words. Also, for those who really like bossa nova, check out the live Joao Gilberto disc, Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar on Sony Latin Jazz, and the recently reissued Caetano Veloso-Gal Costa duet debut, Caetano E Gal on Polygram. Both are really wonderful. Check back with us every so often for live/recording/video-type information. Skip keeps himself perpetually busy, so there are always new pots boiling on the stove. Also, again, keep us in the loop. One thing off the bat: Skip would love to do a Bay Area duet gig with Denny Zeitlin. Does anybody know how to reach him? umemory. @EditionMgr@EditionClient6Remote data () not accessible; start application ? 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