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Lifter Puller

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Lifter Puller
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Band Bio

Everyone met in Boston. Craig and Steve were roommates, they met Tommy through mutual friends. I then met Craig at what, unbeknownst to me, was Tommy's 21st birthday party. Everyone then floundered around for a while and for one lame reason or another, Craig, Steve and I all ended up back in Minneapolis. Ran into Craig at a party and asked him about his band. He was playing shows, but they just lost their bassist. He was trying to convince Tommy to move from Connecticut (like it should be that hard) and come and play bass. I buy a bass for lack of better things to do and start playing with Craig and Dave, the drummer at the time, and Steve marches and noodles along on guitar. Tommy moves to Minneapolis to go to grad school and Dave bails. Couple of singles and an east coast tour later, I decide to play drums instead, because I canšt play bass worth shit. Tommy signs up on bass, and Skene ships us off to Chicago in 30 below weather to make a record with Casey Rice at Idful in the lavish Wicker Park area. Two more tours and a million shows later, Skene finally releases the record. By this point we have a whole bunch of new songs written and we are trying to figure out what the hell to do with 'em so we call up the man Mike Wisti and say, "well, let's just slowly start tracking stuff," but then the next day Kim at No Alternative calls up and says "Hey, let's do a record, but we got to do it in like two weeks" and we are like "O.K. cool" so the word becomes kind of moot and we force Mike's head to the grindstone, actually we didn't have to force anything as Mike is a very hard worker and we make this record and call it Half Dead and Dynamite as that is the name of one of the songs, and it's a title that Tommy got from one of his buddies over the phone and now it's coming out on No Alternative Records and I tell you we just couldn't be happier.

Lifter Puller 11-97