The John Ewing Band - Seen Yer' Face
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The John Ewing Band
Seen Yer' Face
TRG Records
TRG 89349 (1997)

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MP3 Sample
Happy Hour
From No One
Oh, Naive
What's Your Name
No Wine, No Woman
Smokin' Like A RayGun
Catch A Dime
Drivin Me Lazy
Sunshine To Pay

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If you like Rock music... chances are you'll like this record...

Seen Yer' Face is the second record from Minneapolis rockers The John Ewing Band. It's hard to hype a band like this. Heavy on the heartfelt content. Straight forward to the point Americana, with a craftsman ship that you just don't see anymore . Songs about meeting girls, breaking up with said girls, and moving on.

The band is related to every musician in the Twin Cities Metro area, if you go by the seven degrees of separation (the idea that any two people are related within seven) Every member of this group is a grizzled veteran of the rock scene, drummer Tom Cook has played in roughly a skajillion bands including the Magnolias and Big Trouble House. Guitarist Steve Brantseg has been in with such pop luminaries as Black Spot and Bash 'an Pop, bassist Johnny O' Halloran is a TRG veteran not only as part of JEB, he is also in the current line up of the Magnolias, and the soon to be released Magnatone. And John Ewing the mop harried glory boy behind it all, a surviovor of a million and one Texas garage bands (well, OK not a million, but a couple.)

Released by the Twin/Tone Records Group - March 25, 1997. It is "out of print."

You can purchase a copy of this project burned to a custom CD from Twin/Tone Digital.

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