Ed Kuepper
Hot Records
TRG 89343 (list $15.98)

All Of These Things - Fireman Joe - The Weepin' Willow - How Would You Plead ? - M.D.D.P. Limited - Pushin Fear II - Rough Neck Blues - Someone Told Me - Poor Howard.

A true originator in modern music for over 25 years, from The Saints to Laughing Clowns, his own solo career with forays into The Aints, Ed Kuepper releases his new studio album, "Frontierland".

This watershed album for Kuepper, pulls together the acoustic and electronic strands that he has previously experimented with, into his strongest and most accessible album to date. Featuring a vast cast of eclectic musicians with instrumentation such as trombone, tuba, trumpet, chromatic harp, mellotron, violin and more, the soundscapes Kuepper creates on "Frontierland", are many and varied, but always Kuepper.

"Frontierland" contains the track "Fireman Joe" which is on high rotation via Australian radio and the unique video clip, containing vintage Australian footage from the 1930's, is being shown on various cable channels.

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