The Magnolias - Street Date Tuesday

The Magnolias
Street Date Tuesday
TRG Records
TRG 89339 (1996)

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MP3 Sample
Hello Belinda
Beat Skip Jump & Walk
Dropping Blood and Names
Old News
Bullet For A Badman
Polecat Creek
Weather Couldn't Get Any Better
Even Without You
Sara The Driver
In Your Eye
My Heart
On & On

MP3 samples are 25% of the full track (128 bit rate)... if you have broadband access the sample should stream (depending on the player you are using)

Produced by Tom Herbers and John Freeman
Engineered by Tom Herbers at 3rd Ear Studios
Mastered by Doug Wild at Wild Sound

John Freeman - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Eric Kassel - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals (Lead on "Sara the Driver")
Johnny O'Halloran - Bass
Dave Wiegart - Drums

"Even as the accolades, record sales and major-label deals go to other native suns, the Magnolia's remain the preeminent underdogs of the Minneapolis underground. For 10 years, John Freeman and whomever else he can enlist to play his mini rock 'n' roll institution have been surfing just behind the next-big-thing wave, building up a heap of sadly over-looked music and a hard-earned spot in the world of perpetual cultdom. Peers Westerberg, Mould and Pirner built remarkable careers by putting the search for maturity at the forefront of their work; Freeman seems the terminal adolescent by comparison - an image perpetuated more by his music than his elfin appearance, his notorious onstage tantrums and a singing voice that can be likened to the cry of a child lost in a department store." Brett Anderson, Twin Cities Reader

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