Colfax Abbey - Penetrate

Colfax Abbey
Prospective Records
TRG 89337 (1996)

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Half Life
Time Space
Chemical Kiss

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Recorded at home by Colfax Abbey

First you drop, now you penetrate...this is the new one from the popular musical group Colfax Abbey, and it is not what you think. it is much weirder: textured sound, pretty noises, angry beauty, deafening silence. this is an all instrumental record; you can call it ambient but that doesn't necessarily mean that it is. eclectic is an overused word but it fits here, violins, and guitars meet in a mid air collision of beautiful decay. it is all about layers and what's underneath, meaning hidden and mingled in a soundscape for that brief time between sleeping and waking.

This is not the sequel to their highly acclaimed debut disc drop, it's just another part of the whole . Recorded and mixed in their home studio, but this is not a lo-fi record, it is a big sounding Ultra hi-fi record, suitable for making out, driving down isolated country roads, or things of that nature. This is not background music, this is purely foreground. this is a collection of pieces that have as much to do with Charles Ives and Eric Satių as it does Slowdive and MBV. there will be a new Colfax studio record in the spring, they will be touring this winter.

Released for Prospective Records by the Twin/Tone Record Group - November 19, 1996. It is "out of print."

You can purchase a copy of this project burned to a custom CD from Twin/Tone Digital.

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