Colfax Abbey - Drop

Colfax Abbey
Prospective Records
TRG 89304 (1996)

(custom burned CD available)

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Shy Away
Once in a While
On the Edge of a Heathery Moor

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Produced by Keith Cleversly (Flaming Lips, Spirtulized) and Ed Ackerson (Polara)

And then from out of nowhere... Colfax Abbey Four pieces of an ultra sonic puzzle, Droney guitars swirl around aural landscapes into a never ending infinity of ethereal delight. Colfax Abbey will thrill and delight all audiences young and old as they take the air around them and bend it into trance inducing guitar pop that takes you into the other side and beyond. From the heart of Minneapolis, the dynamic drumming of champion beat master Rob Walsh, the throbbing bass of Troy De Groot, the neo-psychedelic twists and turns of guitar of Mark Margosian, and the hypnotizing vocals of Christian Rangel come together to create a sonic assault of beautiful noise.

Colfax Abbey's debut single "Chameleon" b/w "Silver" met with loads of critical praise. As well as receiving gobs of airplay all over the US. and with just a little short of a million tour dates (OK so maybe we are exaggerating just a little bit) you're sure to see them at a venue near you.

"This blew me away on the first, fifth, and fifteenth listen!...Both tracks are like looking through hazy glass windows into other worlds, the sheer sound will make you feel glazed! So far in 1995, this one gets my pick as one of the best of the year!" 5 coffee mugs in Indie Street (re. the chameleon single)

Released for Prospective Records by the Twin/Tone Record Group - February 27, 1996. It is "out of print."

You can purchase a copy of this project burned to a custom CD from Twin/Tone Digital.

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