On U Sound Creation Rebel

Historic Moments Vol. 2
This second installment in the three-part history of the first ON-U Sound band Creation Rebel combines tracks from their Starship Africa and Threat To Creation sessions. The talents of Dr. Pablo, Clifton "Bigga" Morrison, Style Scott, Bonjo I, Tony Henry, Desmond "Fat Fingers" Coke, Mr. Magoo, Sucker and Keith Levine are all evident, as are the blossoming production skills of Adrian Sherwood circa 1979-80.

also available: Historic Moments Vol. 1, from their Dub From Creation and Rebel Vibrations sessions.

Historic Moments Volume 2
On-U-Sound/Restless 72799
Space Movement Section 1
Space Movement Section 2
Space Movement Section 3
Space Movement Section 4
Space Movement Section 5
Space Movement Section 6
Space Movement Section 7
Space Movement Section 8
Space Movement Section 9
Chemical Specalist
Threat To Creation
Last Sane Dream
In My Father's House

Historic Moments Volume 1
On-U-Sound/Restless 72784
Dub From Creation
Basic Principles
Rebel Rouser
Creation in a Iration
Rising Star
Vision of Creation
Rebel Vibrations
Jungle Affair
Hunger and Strife
Ian Smith Rock (Dub)
Diverse Doctor
Mountain Melody
Black Lion
Doctors Remedy

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