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Dub Syndicate
"Stoned Immaculate"
This is perhaps the best recording ever by the world's premier dub band. This previously hard-to-find gem, originally released in 1990, features the tasty vocals of female group Akabu and Tackhead's Skip MacDonald, as well as many spoken cut-ups from old reggae songs. Also included are two tracks showcasing the majestic sampled vocals of the late Prince Far I, which date back to 1979.

Stoned Immaculate
On-U-Sound/Restless 72770
Wadada (means Love)
Stoned Immaculate
Foward Not Back
Glory To God
No Dog Barks
More and More
Well Tuned Now
King of Sound and Blues
Fight The Power
Wadada (Means Love) Part 2
Well Tuned Now - Part 2

On-U-Sound/Restless 72764
Roots Commandment
Dubbing Psycho Thriller
Walking Jerusalem
No No
'93 Struggle
2001 Love
What Happened?
Green Stick
Rock Back

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