"One of the area's most talked-about new groups."
-- St. Paul Pioneer Press

"These songs are undeniable."
-- City Pages

"A few weeks ago, The Hot steamed up the 7th Street Entry with its larger-than-life hooks, triggers and samples, evidence that the trio is a formidable contender for next-big-thing status. With three-part harmonies, a fuzz fascination and an ear for melodic bliss, this is one outfit that really does have it all."
-- Minneapolis Star Tribune

"Mixing a solid guitar, bass and drum foundation with sweet three-part harmonies and quirky samples, Bryan Hanna (ex-Hang Ups), Jason Orris (ex-Polara) and Tal Tahir (ex-12 Rods and King Can) have pooled the strengths of their ex-bands to create a dense, hook-filled sound that actually lives up to their band's name."
-- Revue

"You might not expect it from their popwise pedigree, but The Hot take the idea of a 'power trio' to heart, driving forward with an energy that seemed almost too big for the Entry when I caught them there."
-- Pulse of the Twin Cities

"The Hot is the latest local super group to emerge from the pool of Minneapolis musicians. These talents have crafted a spotless EP that features songs as strong as Semisonic's earlier efforts."
-- Minnesota Daily A&E