"A great, GREAT record... a damn near flawless disc of pop delights that should help place [the Beatifics] in the forefront of up-and-coming pop music talents."
-- Goldmine

"To the list of Badfinger, Dwight Twilley, Big Star, the Rasberries, Matthew Sweet, Teenage Fanclub and the Posies, a new name can be inscribed in gold: theBeatifics..."
-- CMJ

"Watching the Beatifics perform was a transcendent experience... pop rarely gets as great as these guys... if we ignore them properly they could become this generation's Big Star."
-- Tulsa World

"I wonder if the No Alternative label quite realizes what it's got (I think they do) in this sweeter-than-Matthew prodigy."
-- Yellow Pills

"One of the sweetest, most engaging voices you'll hear in pop music... there's not one track on this album that is anything less than excellent." -- Amplifier

"Pop so pure that it's listenability is almost criminal."
-- Twin Cities Reader

"One of the most intoxicating local releases of the year."
-- St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Everything here is recommended."
-- Yeah, Yeah, Yeah