Slim Dunlap - The Old New Me

Slim Dunlap
The Old New Me
Medium Cool Records
MCR 89231 (1993)

(custom burned CD available)

MP3 Sample
Rockin Here Tonight
Just For The Hell Of It
Isn't It
Partners In Crime
Taken On The Chin
From The Git Go
Busted Up
Ain't Exactly Good
The King and Queen
The Ballad of The Opening Band
Love Lost

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Produced by: Peter Jesperson and Brian Paulson
Recorded and Mixed by Brian Paulson
Recorded at 5th Floor Recorders-E.S.D., Minneapolis

Players and singers include:
Slim Dunlap
Johnny Hazlett
Buck Hazlett
Jim Thompson

Tim O'Reagan
Paul Westerberg
Chan Poling

This project is "out of print." You can purchase a copy burned to a custom CD from Twin/Tone Digital.

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