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Rejected Cappicorn "Glamour" shot where I was experimenting with the "Mephisto" look made popular by that stocky Irsh guy. While I believe it made me look "Dangerous and Exotix" others thought it made me look "stupid and clownish." Live and Learn, I suppose...

Here I am with Capricorn Records' Phil Walden who informs me that I am not talented enough to wash Otis Redding's car. Sounds about right to me.

Here I am beaming, with pride as Kelly prepares to make a low eight second pass in the greer-black-prudhomme top fueler which we "borrowed" from Don Garlits Drag Racing Museum in Ocala, Flordia. Charges were later droped

First and last time I addressed the speed equipment manufacturers association. They were umimpressed by my suggestion that more research should be done on whether or not Nestles chocolate had surpassed Hershey's.

Here cheery songsmith Bob Kimbell tries to get drunk enough to face performing with me at some dank nightclub in Germany. After baiting the stage with delicious milk chocolate bads I was finally tricked into doing the show.

Here I am trying to pry loose a piece of fruit which I beleived to be made of rich, creamy chocolate. A few hours later I discovered that they consisted od some type of metal or something and I had to settle for coffee and a slice of ham.

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