the domain "" was registered on April 5th, 1995.

Paul Stark (President of Twin/Tone Records) wanted to be able to use the internet (and the new possibilities of the "web") to help promote the records and artists that Twin/Tone worked with. The cost of a T1 internet connection (around 1 MB) back then was over $1,000 per month... a cost that Twin/Tone couldn't justify at the time.

So... Paul set up as a separate company to offer email and internet access to paying customers. With a bank of 20 phone modems and several linux servers for the various services... started serving customers in the fall of 1995.... enough customers were found to pay the monthly charges to maintain the service and offer internet access to Twin/Tone for no cost.

Today... still supplies the webspace for Twin/Tone Records (and serves a few email addresses)... it no longer offers any services to any third party clients....