The 27 Various
"Yes, indeed"
Susstones 531

side one - Yes, Indeed - If You Can't Trust Death - The Maggot's Sermon - Stick It In It Bake It - I Was Blown Away - Mr Sun and Venus
side two - Shine That Smile - Wide-Eyed Girl - It Seems I've Seen - Feedtime For Martin - Far Be It - Stone Boat

Ed Ackerson: vocals, guitar, sitar, keyboards
Jed Mayer: drums
Jay Orff: bass, vocals
Jerry Lefkowitz: guitar, vocals

Produced by Ackerson with Tommy Roberts
Engineered by Tommy Roberts and Wally Fleming
Recorded at The Underground, Minneapolis
(Feb-March 1989)

Originally released by John Kass (Prospective Records) on his Susstones label. It was released on Vinyl and Cassette only. This record is now out of print.